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School rules [ENG]

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1 School rules [ENG] on Sun 24 Jul - 15:40

Franck Dan

Franck Dan
Here are the rules that you must read and respect.

Rule # 1 : Pay attention to spelling and write properly. Avoid abbreviations.

Rule # 2 : For than other can read properly and without eye pain :

- Do not use unreadable colors in your messages
- Do not write in all caps (it might appear that you are shouting)
- Do not used excessively the bold, italic ...

Rule # 3 : the fights between members, insults, words excessively rude, provocation and incitement to violence are prohibited.
Also the obscene words, vulgar, slanderous, threatening, sexual...

Rule # 4 : Advertising is not prohibited, but it must not be illegal, dishonest, shocking and spammed.

If in doubt, ask an administrator or a moderator. If your ad is not correct and seems doubtful, it will be removed.

If you receive by private message, spams or other : Notify us!

Rule # 5 : It is prohibited to broadcast private messages and forum members' photos in public, without their agreements.

Rule # 6 : Before creating a topic, check that a similar does not exist. Any similar subject will merge or will be thrown away.

Rule # 7 : Do not deform the forum with gigantic pictures,it makes rowing the computer of other members and deform forum pages.
If you can not do otherwise, use the "spoiler" tag.

Rule # 8 : To join a group, you must read the requested conditions and follow the procedures indicated for enter.

Rule # 9 : Regarding avatars and banners, it is forbidden to pornographic figures, political, shocking ...
If you use animated avatars, make sure it does not tire the eye of other members. If it becomes a discomfort, it will be removed.

Rule # 10 : I ask you to use common sense about how to behave on a forum, try to be clear, respectful and understanding.
Do not attempt unacceptable things or polemic subjects, even if they are not mentioned in the present rules.

Informations :

We advise you not to disclose your personal information in public, and to members of the forum that you do not know.

If you have a problem with a member of the forum, please contact us!

If you have questions about the settlement, ask in the following message.


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